What does it mean to have a

life coach?


It's about taking an ordinary life and making it extraordinary.

It's having someone to talk to about frustrations, concerns, and anxiety without judgment.

It's about creating the goals that you've always thought you could but were just out of your reach. 

Thoughts create results and with Bjorkquist Coaching, we can show you how.

Achieve a goal with a plan

Start a business, get a promotion at work, maybe achieve a weight or sports goal. We have coaches that can help you create a strategy.

Get a fresh perspective

Coaching helps clarify the thoughts that are creating your results. If you aren't where you want to be we can help you see what is stopping you.

Someone that gets you

Friends and family tend to tell us what we want to hear. A coach helps you see what you really want, they don't just agree with you.

Randel Bjorkquist

Randel works to help clients create next-level thinking and upgrade their life. He has experience helping with career burnout, feeling stuck and unfulfilled. His style is clear and action-oriented and will be what you need to achieve your goals.

Work with Randel

Maggie Bjorkquist

Maggie has a great deal of experience helping people overcome the common need to People Please and has a group program along with her individual coaching.

Work with Maggie

Caroline Bjorkquist

Caroline coaches athletes, such as runners and triathletes, to overcome issues with motivation, mindset, training, and the issues that plague all of us from elite to everyday athletes. 

Work with Caroline